Depth – 27-04-2013

I wish I had thought about setting a smaller aperture, or changed to his face. Still, I like the feeling of depth in this picture.
04-27-13 Depth


4 thoughts on “Depth – 27-04-2013

  1. To achieve maximum depth of field, use a camera with a smaller sensor, an ultra wide angle lens, smaller aperture, or all three. One must also focus at the right spot, called the hyperfocal. That was probably somewhere on the stick between his hands and the furthest marshmallow. AF systems pick up the nearest object, which looks like what happened here.

    Please pay me a visit. You might find it entertaining.

    • True, focusing in between the two is a great idea. Thanks for the tips!
      And I’ll let you know I’m already a follower of yours, I always enjoy your posts. They’re so full of life!

      PS, it is a piece of bread baked over the fire, very smokey and salty. In Denmark we call them Snobrød, “Twisted Bread”, since you twist the dough around the stick.

      • That sounds better than marshmallows. I might be able to improvise it with a can of ready to bake biscuits.

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