Project 345, 2013 – Week 32

So, here is another attempt at uploading my dust collecting 345 project of year 2013! It will now ideally take place in one week worth of photos posted at least once a week. That should give me sufficient time to still focus on my present photography, while getting these old photos up where they belong! It’s quite satisfying, looking back at half a year worth of photos, and I imagine it will only get better once the second half comes up. I hope some of you will find some joy here and there in my daily struggle to produce something of my own.
As for what went on this week, it would seem like I returned from an amazing trip to Poland, only to forget to take a photo the day after. As far as I remember, I was planning on cheating by labeling a picture from the 08/08 as a picture from the 07/08. This is one of those moments when I realize I HAVE gotten some experience by doing this project; don’t cheat, accept the things as they are and take notes of your mistakes!

If you like this, feel free to check out my Flickr profile, where I’ll be uploading my current photographs!


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